Teen Interview #1

Kate Burney, 16.

What High School do you go to?

I go to Curtis High School.

How has it inspired or not inspired you?

The theatre department is very prevalent and celebrated, so there is an opportunity for me to go into what I love.

What mediums/art do you involve yourself in?

Theatre, vocal, and painting with acrylics.

Do you feel that teens are represented in Tacoma based on the art scene here?

I wouldn’t. It depends on where you look because it’s not widely advertised.

What demographic comes to mind when you think of people who visit art museums?

Typically people with free time, and typically people who dress nice.

What opportunities do you wish you had to showcase your art?

Maybe like, it’s provided I’m just not involved with it, but like musical review and open mic stuff is cool. At TAM maybe if there was an opportunity where you could put your art on display.

Aside from actual artists, are there artists in music, or film that have inspired you as well?

Audrey Hepburn, for sure, and Zendaya for using their platforms to do humanities work.

Tacoma Art Museum has done many themes in exhibitions, such as immigration, or race; what specific theme would you like to see?
Maybe like influential figures in pop culture over time.

Where do you go to feel inspired in Tacoma? If you have a place that is.

I don’t leave my house very much but when I do, probably TAM and I think just driving through Tacoma is pretty inspirational ‘cause of all the art.

Why is it important that Tacoma welcomes a new voice that may be outside of their regular demographic?

To expand our culture because I think it’s important to that we represent the demographic that’s in Tacoma and if we are silencing anybody or not listening to anybody then we aren’t an accurate representation.

Follow Kate’s instagram here @kateburney

Listen to Kate more here! 

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