Females and Films

Females and Film

Mushu talked more than Mulan.

From this, I still can’t move on.

The heroines of Disney, close to our hearts,

Overshadowed by male counterparts.


The backstage is worse than the screen!

Hard hats,

Strong minds,

Hardly seen!

My incredible, talented sisters

Pushed down by prejudiced misters.


Posts, campaigns, speeches, and essays

At the hands of our beloved celebrities

Do wonders to raise the public awareness

But how come there’s still the unfairness?


Teach the girls;

Because education builds futures.

Hire the women;

We’re more than simple consumers.


Let our stories be shared with the globe.

Finally, let’s start on this road.



The process of change involves three steps according to the Kurt Lewin Model: “Unfreezing, Transition, and Refreezing”. Raising awareness of the problem falls under “Unfreezing”, meaning that Hollywood must progress to the “Transition” phase, which “occurs as we make the changes that are needed. People are ‘unfrozen’ and moving towards a new way of being” (Connelly). The perceived toxicity of Hollywood feminism can be attributed to lack of action, a reality of most celebrities’ proclaimed feminism. By finally advancing to phase two of the model, the public may witness true change.

In order to at last even the Hollywood scales on- and off-screen, celebrities and the public, females and males, must unite to advance Hollywood to the physical transition phase of change by increasing the amount of female creators, female storytelling and female youth artistic education.

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