Teens in Tacoma is ran by….
Moe’Neyah Holland: Executive Director

Moe’Neyah Holland is the Executive Director at Teens in Tacoma. Her favorite part of her job is transcribing interviews and meeting new people. A student at the University of Washington, she strives to improve the community by highlighting teen art. Her hobbies include drinking coffee and listening to music on Spotify.

Michael Anderson: Assistant Executive Director, Social Media Director

Michael is the Assistant Executive Director at Teens In Tacoma and also runs the Teens In Tacoma instagram. He is a visual artist. Michael’s main goal is to diversify the art scene and help people realize art is universal, not a niche hobby. Michael serves on the Teen Art Council at TAM and studies art at Tacoma Academy of Fine Art. To learn more about Michael, read his interview here.

Daniel Sackett: Chief Photographer 

Daniel captures images of teens that the organization interviews, as well as the events the service is associated with. He is also an independent freelance photographer. The UPS student advocates for the arts and believes teens should have easier access to expression.

Christina Westpheling: Development Consultant

As the Director of Youth Education at the Tacoma Art Museum, Christina is deeply involved in Tacoma’s art community and works tirelessly to ensure teens have exposure to art, as well as tools to create art of their own. Christina acts as Teens in Tacoma’s liaison to the adult sector.