Loving Vincent Review

Now, when I first bought my ticket, I wasn’t entirely too enthusiastic. I mean, I wasn’t jumping up and down. As the opening credits rolled, I was checking Instagram and Twitter. I was tempted to text my mom back.

This all changed within the first 10 minutes of the film.

It starts off a year after Vincent died.  Now, keep in mind that the flashbacks are through the son of a postman, who is asked to deliver a letter to Vincent’s brother. Armand is his name and his initial laid-back attitude is how the movie initially feels. A bit luke-warm, and care-free.

But as the movie progressed, Armand quickly shifts from location to location, attempting to rightfully deliver the letter to somebody. At times, I would be more interested in the oil frames, than the movie, just because of how well done they were. I found myself staring at a man’s beard for longer than I would like to recall, just because of the color in it.

Anyways, Armand settles in a village, ways away from his own town, and starts to learn more about the truth of Vincent’s death. We all know the sad tale of how Vincent passed, but the movie takes a twist on the famous artist’s wound. How did he die? It explores a cover-up of a shooting while incorporating characterization throughout the process. I was rooting for characters and picking my favorites as the movie progressed. I also enjoyed Armand’s caring attitude about Vincent. He was sticking up for Van Gogh, and himself as the movie came to a close. At times I even forgot I was watching different paintings interact. The emotions and plot were the same. The only difference was the clear effort in making the movie.

angry tyra banks GIF

By the end of the movie, the message stayed the same. It was clear that Vincent should be celebrated, not for his mental illness, but for his art. He shouldn’t be analyzed for his passing but celebrated for his work in his present life. Whether his death was unintentional, or self-inflicted, he would still be the same Van Gogh we know today. And as the credits rolled, I admit, I was debating on whether I  should cry or laugh.

martha and snoops potluck dinner party sunglasses GIF by VH1Overall, I would definitely watch this film again. The imagery, the characterization, and the writing were astonishing. For anyone who’s on edge about watching,  do yourself a favor, and watch. You won’t regret it.

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